How do you red?

Lipstick - Sturdy, Vixen, Queenie, Urbanista, Code Red

Weird question, right? Put the emphasis on "you".

Valentine’s Day is near. Since almost immediately after Christmas, we’ve seen hearts pop up everywhere, stores stocking chocolates as far as the eye can see, and florists getting ready for the rush of people who probably never buy flowers for any other reason. There is a dominant theme to this: red. Sure there’s pink, white, purple, and even black, but the color of love is red. It’s an unspoken theme; people wear red for this holiday. It’s sexy. Even those who don’t have anyone special to call their Valentine adorn themselves in red and participate in Valentine’s Day activities.

I’ve never been a big wearer of red. I like red, but I’m shy (to some degree) and red screams, “Look at me!” I can also be somewhat anti-social, so I don’t necessarily want that attention. I supposed the middle child in me would argue that’s a lie, but people change and I’m changing … again. I’ve kept one or two red pieces in my wardrobe over the years, but I’m expanding my horizons and venturing outside of my comfort zone. The biggest change for me is red lipstick. I just don’t wear it. I’m neutrals and team purple (deep purples) all day! I’ve bought red, but then I’d put it on and didn’t feel like it was right for my look. For some people, this is a personality based decision, for others, it could be a choice of what goes best with their skin tone or that day's outfit - there's any number of reasons. My real problem, though, was that I was buying the wrong reds.

Betty Boo (BV), Fire Engine (Smooch), and Rehab (BV)

Who said you had to have the brightest red in the spectrum? After all these years of avoiding red lipstick like the plague, I’ve found my place in the “red”-iverse. Dark reds, such as Queenie, an oxblood matte (glēm Kiss Collection), or Rehab, a deep crimson (glēm Black Velvet), are what I found to be right for me. Being that those examples are both mattes, they are right up my alley. The lack of shine took away the “look at me” factor I shy away from.

Something about red brings out your other features, too … or maybe it’s just that you’re being noticed more. People in my office are used to my natural looks, so of course they acted like I was being “new” (that’s a topic I’ll get into in another post). One woman in the office paid me a compliment where she also noted that she saw what I did to my eyes. I was surprised at that, because I hadn’t done anything to my eyes. I should wear red more often.

If you are still trying to find your red, glēm has some great options:

Smooch Collection (lip gloss): Fire Engine, Punk

Kiss Collection: Code Red (cream), Urbanista (matte), Vixen, (cream), Queenie (matte), Sturdy (The Metals)

Black Velvet: Validate, Betty Boo, Rehab

Lip Trio Palettes: Red Carpet

*Fire Engine (Smooch) and Betty Boo (Black Velvet) are available in the 3-piece Mini Gift Sets. In case you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for yourself or that someone special.

We would love to hear what you think when it comes to wearing red, so leave a comment. Maybe you can encourage someone else to make the leap. As always, find your gleam and #shinebrightly.

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