Making Gifts of Makeup

To gift or not to gift ...

I guess it depends on whom you are planning to gift makeup to. I don't believe one person would give me cosmetics I didn't specifically ask for. I can't think of anyone who would really know my preferences in this area. Granted, I'm trying to change things up and add more color to my life, I barely wear makeup and when I do, it's something neutral and usually in the form of a sheer lip gloss. Now, they know what to get me.

My suggestions for all you holiday shoppers who don't know what to get for your friend or loved one, is to either carefully rummage through their makeup collections and see what types of products they favor, or just ask. If the gift isn't meant to be a surprise, there is no harm in finding out, straight from the source, what your giftee actually wants.

For those of you who do know more about your friend's or loved one's taste in makeup, go for it. If your bestie wears the pinkest of the pink, don't stare directly at my lips or the shine will make you go blind, high-gloss lipstick, you know that you can go bold with your gift selection. Just make sure whatever you choose actually fits the receivers style or personality.

There is something really important to think about while you are shopping: Am I buying this for them or for me? Don't buy a gift of cosmetics, because it's something you like. You and your sister may share everything and perhaps you are secretly wishing that silky liquid matte will find its way into your makeup kit, but don't forget who the gift was for in the first place. Does your sister even like liquid mattes or is she adventurous enough to give it whirl?

Here is a recap and a few additional tips for you to keep in mind when buying makeup for someone else:

5 tips for gifting makeup

  1. If you don't know what to get, just ask. You can't go wrong there.

  2. Buy colors and finishes that fit the personality or personal style of the person you are buying the make up for - not solely because you like it.

  3. Don't buy makeup for your Secret Santa at work...unless it's your best friend. You know, the one with the hot pink lipstick. That could either go off really well, or not so. People are easily offended these days and you don't want them feeling insecure, because you didn't like their current choice of makeup or just because you thought they needed some.

  4. This is crazy coming from me, because I sell makeup, but if you are not sure, don't get it. In many cases, open packages of makeup cannot be returned. Those items are not eligible for refurbishing or resale. It's just not hygienic.

  5. If you've never seen that person wearing makeup or heard their opinion on it, don't buy them makeup. You shouldn't assume your gift is going to be the flame which ignites that fire. Just don't waste your money.

glēm has some great holiday gift sets, for lovers of lip gloss (Smooch Collection) and liquid mattes (Black Velvet). Why stop there? New Year's Day is approaching, which means what? NYE parties. Maybe a beautiful metallic matte (Kiss Collection, The Metals) or other pearlized/metallic cream shade (featured in Lip Trio Palettes) is the right gift idea for your low-key friend who still cuts loose, when the situation arises.

Take it or leave it, there are plenty more scenarios that could come into play. What do you think? Do you have a story? We'd love for you to share it with us.

As always, find your gleam (or your giftee's gleam) and #shine brightly.


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