Watching my daughter grow up, following in my tomboy footsteps, I recognize that she is part of a new generation of young ladies who are finding themselves – finding their shine. Some of them will become models or celebrities, but even if they become everyday women, like most us, they will all have a chance to shine (to gleam).

I was in my late 20’s when I bought my first department store brand and it made me start to look at my cheaper brands differently. You definitely get what you pay for. Over the years, I’ve shifted from the more economical brands to higher quality products which offer more protection, moisture, and hydration to that delicate, sensitive skin. That’s the type of quality I want to offer in my products. If I wouldn’t want to use them, I shouldn’t expect anyone else to.

Growing up a tomboy, I wasn’t very into makeup. I considered lip balm to be my lipstick, until I became a teenager. My grandmother wouldn’t allow me to wear actual lipstick, until I was 15 years old, and then, I only had a couple of colors – no pencils or anything else. As I grew older and began to accumulate more make up, I found I had more lip products than anything else, favoring sheer lip gloss (so not to hide the beauty marks on my lips). I was throwing out a lot of old makeup, because I wasn’t using anything, except for my lip glosses, lipsticks, and pencils. When I leave the house without a purse, my gloss is in my pocket.

A gleam is that flicker of light which increases in intensity the closer you move to it. Many of us are like that gleam of light; the closer we get to our friends, classmates, co-workers, neighbors … the brighter our personalities shine. Sure, some of us are models or celebrities, but most of us are everyday people – ranging from wallflowers to full-on extroverts. Being an everyday person doesn’t always come with a lot time to get into glam mode. For some of us, the basics are all we need to get our shine on. That is why glēm focuses on lips.

- Tia L. A. Brown

Perfect pout with sheer lip gloss

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